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Wow.. I've just been overwhelmed these last few weeks. I'll start by saying, I finally got a car. It was a Christmas present. I chose a 1989 Nissan 240SX-- it's a 5 speed, and I don't know how to drive a stick yet.. so that's one thing that's still keeping me from driving it. It's hard for me to learn, too.. it has a new racing clutch that was just put in, and it's super touchy. It'll be nice once I become proficient with it, but.. until then, it's just a pain. I wonder how long it'll take me to get this down? Other modifications done to the car by the previous owner include a Blitz catback exhaust, RAYS 18'' gunmetal rims, Kumho Ecsta tires, coilover suspension, Nismo shift knob, Panasonic CD/MP3 deck, Sony CD changer, and Eclipse/Focal speakers. I really do love the car, even though I can't drive it yet-- and I plan to do a lot more to it. One of the first things I need to do is swap the engine out (it has a lot of miles on it) for the more powerful SR20DET. :D Here's a picture, albeit a bad one, of my ride currently--

So, I have to pay for my own insurance starting early February or March or something-- so I'm gonna have to find myself a job. That's kinda.. pressure. So I better learn to drive this thing soon. Ack. A lot of people in my family were really opposed to me getting this car, since they didn't want me to have anything I could actually race-- it pissed some people off, but, oh well. It was a big deal for awhile, but hopefully people have put it behind them now.

So amidst this whole car thing, I'm also trying to get ready for college and all. I got my application for U of O filled out, but I haven't written the essay yet-- I need to get on that soon. I took the SAT's two saturdays ago.. not sure how well I did. Probably average-ish. I also have to go through and apply for a bunch of scholarships and such.. I just feel like so much was piled on me at once.

Not enough time in a day. :|

Also, hey! Trilogy Tuesday is tomorrow. :D Excited for that.. though it means more school I'll miss--
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