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Still sick. '_' I don't have a fever anymore, but I've one hell of a cold. I already skipped school monday for it.. I'm afraid I might be inclined to skip wednesday as well, but I really don't wanna fall behind, and my dad would probably get pissed at me. He doesn't like me to stay home unless I'm on my deathbed.

I spent practically my entire four-day weekend on Diablo II, for lack of being able to do anything else. My pally is now level 84, and around rung 23 on the hardcore paladin ladder.

Let's see-- oh! If anyone reading this is good at finding MP3's.. I need a little help. I really want the opening and ending themes from the Japanese TV show 'Odoru Daisosasen' (a.k.a. Bayside Shakedown, a.k.a. Rhythm and Police). The opening theme is just the title of the show, I believe.. and no, I don't want the DDR version. :) The ending theme is called 'Love Somebody', by Yuji Oda. I'll be your best friend forever if you can help me out on this. I've tried KaZaA and Google, and I can't track the damn things down.
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