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Oookay. J.D. came over this friday and we got drunk as fuck. I've never been that far out before.. I couldn't even walk towards the end of the night. So.. that whole thing is kind of a blur in my mind. It was fun though, I think I'm gonna start drinking more often. lol.

I went over to Ave's saturday morning.. we swung by his aunt's, and chilled there all day. We got a second Thanksgiving dinner, which rocked. Played a little Friends trivia, you know how we do. Later we went back to his house and watched Scarface and Better Luck Tomorrow. Both of those movies are really good, though in obviously different ways. Ave gave me an earring.. and I haven't worn one in like six or seven years, so my piercing had grown through.. but I punched through it, and now I have a $700 diamond on my left ear, lol. I'm gonna get my right ear pierced also pretty soon.. and then maybe my eyebrow at some point.

Came home this afternoon and did a bunch of cleaning around my room and common room, and the bathroom.. got things looking a bit more presentable, but I have a ton of dirty laundry and my blankets smell like beer, and I can't wash them 'cause our dryer is broken. ><;

Anyways, I better go watch TV and study some.. I have to write a couple paragraphs in Japanese, and then memorize like twenty-five kanji for a make-up test tomorrow. Talk about tough.
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