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Trilogy Tuesday rocked! :D Got in line at 10:00 AM, got picked up at 2:00 AM-- lol. So I was standing outside for like four hours.. started talking to this kid in front of me, he was really nice.. his dad even came and bought hot chocolate for me.. but right before we went into the theater, I found out he went to West Linn High School also. He's a sophomore. So that was kinda cool. The first movie started at 2:00 PM.. The Two Towers started at 6:00 PM, I enjoyed that a lot, since I hadn't seen the extended edition before. They added in some good stuff. Finally ROTK hit at 10:00 PM-- it's sooo fucking good. :D Didn't let me down at all, except.. I wish The Scouring of the Shire would have made it in. Really. Ohhh well.. I'm hoping it'll be in the extended edition, but.. deep down, I know it won't be. That's okay.. it's still one of the best movies ever made. ^^ The only thing that sucked, was.. the food. I spent twenty bucks on like.. nachos and popcorn and pop. There wasn't anything real to eat that entire time. But on the way out of the theater, some spokesperson from Newline Cinemas gave us all these collectable film cell frame things. So.. yeah.

Winter break! No school! Naisu!

Quiz time!


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