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I haven't touched this thing over winter break, which has just flown by. I've had a fun time, though. I hung out with Dave and Matt a few times.. Kenney.. went over to Ave's.. got enough visiting done. My Christmas was pretty good.. but it kinda felt like it was lacking something. I couldn't quite put my finger on what, though. Mm, oh well. Present-wise, my main thing was my car.. the 240SX. I also got some money.. spent some of that on Viewtiful Joe, Final Fantasy XI, and I also got a pipe and a bong. After making those purchases, I deposited the rest into the bank. Speaking of smoking, yesterday morning I took a walk with my dad and told him that I'd been doing it. I expected him to explode on me, but he was pretty cool about it.. he said he kinda assumed I was, and it was okay as long as I did it responisbly. So, that was good.. I'm glad I can talk to him about things.

Final Fantasy XI is really, really fun. My dad even offered to pay for the monthly $13 subscription fee, which is really cool. I dunno if I'll take him up on it, but I appreciate it. I've logged so much time into that game already it's not even funny.. it's just so addicting, and Bobby got it too, so it was fun to play a game with him again, since he's been away at college so much recently. College. Yeah.. I got my application sent off. All filled out, my essay wrote, it's in their hands now. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for an acceptance letter. If I don't get in, I'm pretty sure I'll be enlisting in the military. That's my 'Plan B' for life. Oh, I got my SAT score back, too-- 1270. Not terribly bad.

Mm, so I'm about to hit the sack.. then when I wake up, I'll do some chores and get ready for school tomorrow. I can't believe I have to go already.. on friday of this week I have to give my 20 minute senior project presentation, which I haven't even started yet. I know I bitch way too much about this kinda thing, but.. public speaking is one of my worst fears. How am I gonna accomplish this? I can barely stumble through 30-second presentations, how am I gonna talk for twenty minutes? I doubt it'll be good, at any rate.. I just hope when the time comes, I have the will to step up and appear in control of myself. I don't know how I'm gonna get to school.. it's been so snowy here, I haven't had the time to practice driving my car, like I had planned to do-- so I don't really have the experience necessary to take it out on my own to school. That should be interesting. I desperately wanna master my car, but damn a stick shift is frustrating. My dad said I had to stop being afraid of the thing, grow some balls, and drive it. I'm just so paranoid about everything while I'm driving it.. oh well, eventually I'll get there. It's all about experience, and right now I have next to none.

This is kinda outta left-field, but.. I've been wondering if I'll end up going to my senior prom. I wonder if I'll get with a girl before I graduate high school. I wonder a lotta things right now.
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