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I think I've kept the movie ticket stub from every movie I've seen in theatres for the last two years. I have 62 stubs, and they're all in the metal case my watch came in. I'm weird.

So, my driving of late has been a bit better. I raised my car as much as the coilovers'd allow (which isn't much at all)-- it's still really low, but managable. I found a junk yard near me with the hose I need, but it's like $25. >< Oh well, gonna pick it up sometime soon.

Hm, what else.. finally got my FAFSA filled out, like 21 days late (not my fault though, actually.. but I won't go into it). So that goes out with tomorrow's mail. Gonna send off my U of O housing application pretty soon too.

Hmm, what else.. nothing, I don't think.
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