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The last couple days haven't been very good. So, yesterday I was running on about four hours of sleep-- I had a ton of studying I needed to get done for my Japanese and English finals.. but then John's computer components show up from Newegg. So I have to start working on that.. I put it all together with him and it doesn't work. I spend five or six more hours troubleshooting. I swapped out each piece individually, and they all work, so I figure it must be the motherboard, since the motherfucker isn't even POSTing, but it does power on. Anyways, I should have been studying that whole time, but once I start something like that, I can't let go of it until it's finished.. so, anyways, I brought Ricky over today to take a look at it, and we're both pretty sure the mobo's bad, so John's gonna have to RMA that. But.. backtracking a bit.. once I finally gave up on the computer last night, it was about 10:00 PM, and I hadn't got an ounce of studying done.. which was bad, because my two most important finals were the next day.

So I get this bright idea.. let's pull an all-nighter! I drove to Safeway and bought like four of those big Sobe No Fear energy drinks (those things are dank), and started studying-- while watching TV, of course. So, by about 3:00 AM, I finally had my English notes done-- but my most important test, Japanese, still hadn't been touched. But I was so fucking tired.. I figured I'd just take a nap and try to study in the morning or something. So I go downstairs, set my alarm, and fall asleep. And wake up... at 9:30. Which means my Japanese final had been going on for an hour already. Jesus I was pissed. Anyways, I throw on some clothes and speed to school as fast as I possibly can.. I get there just about the time the class is getting out. Fuck. Fuck! Sensei isn't very forgiving about that kinda thing, it's her opinion that it was my mistake, so I should just take a zero-- but as everyone was leaving the classroom, I nabbed a scantron sheet and started blazing through the test as fast as I could. I wasn't even reading half the questions, just marking in random bubbles in some kind of semi-conscious frenzy. I didn't finish by the time I had to start my English final-- so I just let it sit, and went to English. But of course, while I was supposed to be writing my English essays, I kept thinking about that Japanese final.. so I was rushing through my English shit in order to get back there to finish Jap. Thus, my English essays also turned out sucking a big one. I got back to the Jap room with about fifteen minutes to spare, and finished getting raped by that test-- so in short, the 89.3% I had in Japanese, which I was hoping to raise up to an A, I can kiss goodbye.. and the 82% I had in English, which I was hoping to retain.. is probably gonna fall down to a C.

Fuck! That whole ordeal just totally blew.

So, since I signed up to host a Japanese student for two weeks this spring.. Sensei asked me if I would mind just hosting for the ladder week, as she had another student who wanted to host, but could only do it for the first seven days. I said I'd do it, but it secretly kinda pissed me off.. hosting a Japanese student is stressful enough, now I have to worry about living up to the student's first host, lol.

What else, I know something else shitty happened today-- oh yeah, when I was driving Ricky home, I forgot to slow down pulling into 7-11, and bottomed out sooo fucking hard. That was just.. the icing on the cake, as far as these last 48 hours have been.
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