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Right on time..
Will you stay through the pouring rain?
Right on time..
Through the night, your laughter is my light.
Right on time..

Heh, my mood kinda says it all. Shit's hectic right now. Seems like a lot is happening at once. I'm still worrying about how I did on my finals, since I probably won't see a report card for two or three weeks. And now I've started my next semester.. have to worry about new classes, and have to start doing homework again. I got switched out of the senior semester period I really liked, and got put into this filthy, filthy 2nd period. That class is incredibly dirty. lol. Ontop of that I'm getting anxious for my answer from U of O-- I got a phone call today, apparently someone there has questions about my application, but both times they called they just missed me, so I'm kinda left going "wtf--", 'cause I really wanna know what's up. I'm still trying to get my Gameboy shit sold and sent off so I can replace my TV and get an intake installed in my car.. and I really wanna know what that clunking sound is my car makes when I make a sharp turn. Grr. Gas costs a lot, and I have no job, so.. I won't be able to keep filling up my tank for long. I gotta get a job, but I have that Japanese student coming for a week pretty soon, so I can't work while they're here.. ontop of all that, I have a fair-sized presentation to give soon in English, and a couple gigantic ones coming up in Senior Seminar in the next few months..

It just feels like everything is converging in on me at once. Heh.
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